Positively Powerful Dr Joel Martin

Dr. Joel P. Martin

Dr. Joel P. Martin is known for her educational, inspirational, and entertaining workshops. She is a renowned presenter, award winning communicator, master trainer and executive coach. She has spoken before audiences of educational institutions, major corporations, nonprofits, and small businesses across the U.S. and internationally (China, Taiwan, United Kingdom, Republic of South Africa, Malaysia, France, Russia, Finland, and Latvia). 
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Executive Coaching: After less than one hour of working with Dr. Joel, Entrepreneur Tashi Carr of LA said, “Instead of seeing myself as handicapped, I see myself as the big full of life person that I am.” What was this one hour worth? Tashi said, “I would lose opportunities to grow to fulfill my purpose, to have a voice of confidence. This was priceless. Worth more than a million dollars.”   Tashi Carr

Platform Artist & Educator, Tashi's Hair Studio

How To Be A Positively Powerful Speaker: On behalf of the ABHOW Affordable Housing Department, thank you for the training you provided us. Your presentation, “How to Be a Positively Powerful Speaker” was very well received by all participants. These participants fulfill key leadership roles in providing for the housing and supportive service needs of over 2000 low-income ABHOW residents.  Ancel Romero

Senior Vice President, ABHOW

Transformational Leadership I would like to commend you for a job well done as the Director of Training and Education. You have exceeded my expectations! I would especially like to acknowledge you for the way you worked with our Faculty and managed the workshops. As one person told me, you made the difference. Your communication skills are excellent and the ease with which you handled challenging situations commendable! George C. Fraser

Chairman CEO, Frasernet

Diversity and Inclusion Training Design and Facilitation: As Mountain Park Health Center Diversity and Cultural Competency Director, one of my responsibilities is to ensure that all of our staff receives quality diversity and cultural competency training. Since we do not have the internal capacity to do this work, I began exploring who may be able to provide us with the training we were looking for. Dr. Martin was highly recommended in this capacity.  Essen Otu

Diversity and Cultural Competency Director, Mountain Park Health Center

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