The Positively Powerful Woman’s Awards are held every year to distinguish the leading women who set a precedent so formidable and groundbreaking that their accomplishments will never fade. These women trail blaze their way through a system stacked against female success and victory. It’s important to bring these kinds of women together for a day of acknowledgment, empowerment through mentorship, community networking, and friendship.

One woman who undoubtedly exemplifies excellence in her academic background and specialized legal training, selflessness in her activism on behalf of all who face injustice, dedication in the chartering of the Phoenix Chapter of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women, and devotion as the single mom of two teen girls would be Ms. Charlene Tarver. In line Charlene Tarverwith this year’s theme “Transformation, Wealth & Health,” Ms. Tarver’s philanthropic nature tied to her successes and accolades as an attorney have established her as a leading community activist near and far to her Phoenix, law firm, The Tarver Law Group, PLLC.

Through her community empowerment work designed to equip other women with the skills, information, and entrepreneurial resources to set out and flourish in the business sector, Ms. Tarver has touched many lives.

Focused on helping the women torn down by adversity, ignorance, and misinformation in today’s world, her presence in Phoenix is likened to that of Fannie Lou Hamer during the Civil Rights Movement. Ms. Tarver is a revolutionary and she works tirelessly to ensure a better future for all women and men regardless of their racial background.

As a Human Rights Leader, this piece cannot possibly cover how much Ms. Tarver has done for the advancement of equality in today’s world. She is an advocate for the disenfranchised, a local coordinator for Town Hall gatherings when Black individuals are unjustly shot by law enforcement, a co-presenter on behalf of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women, co-producer of a series of Racial Profiling Symposiums in support of families whose children have been killed by gun violence, and above all, a caring, loving, and supportive community member ready to stand by the fallen and downtrodden at any moment.

Ms. Tarver is a shining beacon in a world ravaged by violence and injustice. Her exemplary lifestyle and incomparable activism have made her the clear recipient of the Inaugural Positively Powerful Woman Human Rights Leadership Award.

Join us in honoring Charlene Tarver and our other recipients at the 9th annual Positively Powerful Woman Awards, Halle Heart Museum, Tempe, AZ, June 25th 5pm to 9pm. Register and learn more by clicking here. The event is open to the public. To learn more about sponsorship opportunities, click here.

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