Where most people focus their efforts on creating new, futuristic developments never before seen or heard in today’s world, there are a select few who understand that human’s basic necessities need to be met first before fancy and intricate initiatives are unrolled. Not always the popular public service avenue, these distinct individuals do the behind the scenes work to ensure marginalized members of society, like minorities and seniors, are delivered with proper shelter, clothing, food, and nutritional access to the vitamins and minerals they need. Without this kind of support, these groups would not be able to go on.

Ms. Anna Maria Maldonado understands that better than anyone. Ms. Maldonado knows sustainability inside and out and works tirelessly to create connections and partnerships between local small businesses, organizations, groups, and volunteer facilities. She is instrumental in the development of unwavering, mutually beneficial partnerships so basic necessity items like healthy produce are available for seniors. She is a visionary who is capable of organizing the entire handoff and looks to all locally sourced businesses for the effective coordination and rollout.

As the Director of Sales and Marketing with Care1st Health Plan AZ, Ms. Maldonado has made it her life’s mission to serve vulnerable populations through grassroots innovative, and collaborative public-private partnerships. These partnerships, which Ms. Maldonado calls Community of Care, collectively, efficiently, and cost-effectively meet the holistic needs of vulnerable individuals and vulnerable families while also meeting the community development and business development needs through measurable outcomes and returns for all participating partners.

Anna Maria Maldonado, A Brilliant Businesswoman.

In other words, Ms. Maldonado is a brilliant businesswoman with an eye for effective social change, protection, and sustainability. Instead of using her negotiation and communication skills for a profit, Ms. Maldonado harnesses her innate capabilities for the betterment of surrounding communities.

Through her company Care1st Health Plan AZ, Gregory’s Fresh Market, an organization that takes fresh produce to the elderly in the places in most need, was able to collaborate with many other organizations to help in achieving their mission to enrich lives for seniors. Additionally, Care1st has supported Gregory’s Fresh Market in sponsoring several programs that were appropriate for the company’s product, corporate image, and philosophy. Some of these programs include the Senior Awards luncheon, nutrition education programs, and nutrition for the holiday where over 2,000 seniors receive bags of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Ms. Maldonado is known for her listening skills, her genuine empathy, and her unwavering commitment to helping those in need.

Ms. Maldonado is known for her listening skills, her genuine empathy, and her unwavering commitment to helping those in need. Her radiant kindness and community service energy had garnered her a considerable reputation for creating, researching, and implementing programs that benefit society’s vulnerable members.

It is for her attitude, her selfless works, her vision for beneficial partnerships, and her unmistakable communication connections that Ms. Maldonado will be receiving the 2016 Positively Powerful Woman Health Advocacy Leadership Award.

Join us in honoring Anna Maria Maldonado and our other recipients at the 9th annual Positively Powerful Woman Awards, Halle Heart Museum, Tempe, AZ, June 25th 5pm to 9pm. Register and learn more by clicking here. The event is open to the public. To learn more about sponsorship opportunities, click here.

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