Tyler Butler, GoDaddy Director of Corporate Social Responsibility to receive 2016 Positively Powerful Woman Technology Leadership Award

by | May 24, 2016

Today, though the numbers are changing, female participation in tech and STEM-related fields remains woefully low compared to their male counterparts. Schools, universities, and activist groups have identified the lack of women in technology roles and are offering scholarships, incentives, and education on why STEM fields are a great potential industry for women to harness.

tyler butler, godaddyThere are a few women trailblazing the path through technological developments with a computer, engineering, and science perspective. These are women who move ahead of the pack; the women who set the standards; and the women who aren’t afraid to explore unchartered waters.

Ms. Tyler Butler, an exemplary role model for women looking to harness technology’s untapped capabilities, is a perfect example of what can be accomplished when women step out of their comfort zones and grab technology by the horns.

As the GoDaddy Director of Corporate Responsibility, Ms. Butler has overstepped boundaries and used her philanthropic nature, eye for quality detail, and passion for technology to ensure GoDaddy updates itself in alignment with women and minority rights. Ms. Butler works tirelessly to ensure women are treated equally and fairly on a daily basis at GoDaddy while also helping the company to devise a public platform for altering the misogynistic perception it had developed. Ms. Butler chose to work at a company not known for its inclusiveness and decided to carve a niche for women on her own.

During Ms. Butler’s tenure at GoDaddy, the organization has become a publicly traded company (GDDY) and entered the market up more than 30% from the IPO price. In the Phoenix region and beyond, GoDaddy has come to encapsulate an encompassing and accepting work environment enticing to women looking to pursue their technology passions and interests.

Additionally, Ms. Butler founded the GoDaddy employee resource group, Women in Technology, which serves to unite women and allies at GoDaddy to ensure there is an ongoing dialogue about equality, as well as resources and opportunities to guarantee every woman at GoDaddy is valued and recognized based on their contributions.

Ms. Butler envisioned, developed, and implemented a corporate social responsibility platform that has launched GoDaddy into the 21st-century economy, ready to flourish and excel. From her unique efforts, GoDaddy is now being named by the Anita Borg Institute as one of the Top 13 Companies for Women Technologists to work for in 2015.

Additionally, Ms. Butler’s selflessness and visionary attitude don’t just stop at work. She also serves on the board of trustees for the Arizona Science Center, the board of governors for the Greater Scottsdale Boys & Girls Clubs, the Arizona Governors Commission for Service & Volunteerism, the board of directors for Phoenix Suns Charities, the advisory council for Scottsdale Leadership and the Board of Directors for the Phoenix Center for the Arts.

Above all, Ms. Butler is known for her fierce tenacity, her infectious passions, her empathic, understanding nature, and her community inclusiveness for all women looking to break the technology mold worldwide. Ms. Butler is without a doubt a powerful leader in the technology industry.

Because of her many contributions, Tyler Butler will receive 2016 Positively Powerful Woman Technology Leadership Award.

Join us in honoring Tyler Butler and our other recipients at the 9th annual Positively Powerful Woman Awards, Halle Heart Museum, Tempe, AZ, June 25th 5pm to 9pm. Register and learn more by clicking here. The event is open to the public. To learn more about sponsorship opportunities, click here.

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