Throughout my life, I’ve been continually challenged in trying to reconcile my early visions and dreams to the reality of being a woman, daughter, mother, wife, and entrepreneur. At every turn, high or low, I realized that my knowledge and understanding of the past was not going to be sufficient in carrying me through to what lay ahead. “I needed to learn something new.

Learning something new can be disruptive.

As we get older, having to learn something new feels like we are abandoning the past and all that we are accustomed to. We get cranky, as our mothers would say.   

However every time I travel, to a new country or even someplace I’ve been to many times before it is in the back of my mind that I am going to learn something new and that it will surprise me. Being open to learning something new opens up a door of possibilities that did not exist just moments before.   

Learning is necessary and it does not need to be difficult. Here are three keys.

  1. Determine the gap you’re looking to fill. What is it that you want or need to learn and why. Be specific about both the learning and the and the results you are looking for.
  2. Interactive learning is how we learn best.
  3. Work with a coach.

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