Ten Great Reasons to attend the June 9 Global Women’s World Cafe in Phoenix!

Ten Great Reasons to attend the June 9 Global Women’s World Cafe in Phoenix!

Here are the Top Ten Reasons to attend the Global Women’s World Cafe Saturday, June 9 of Positively Powerful Woman Awards 10th Annual Celebration Weekend. (These ten reason are in no particular order and are probably not the complete list.)

  1. You have a burning wish to talk with other women who care about the challenges women face and the solutions. You want to get the resources and information to deal with them. You want your voice be heard!
  2. The World Cafe Process is a new, fresh way of having a large group discussion and you want to get involved and see what it is like.
  3. The timeline is flexible and the seating arrangements will change so you will be in action rather than suffering “death by power point”.
  4. You are a giver, a leader and an aspirational person. You want to make a difference.
  5. This is a collaboration between Triad West and the ASU Center for the Study of Race and Democracy. If you attended their Girls Night Out with Soledad O’Brien, you remember Dr. Joel Martin’s FEARLESS emc’ing.
  6. It is being co-sponsored by Fresh Start in Phoenix, and you know that Fresh Start offers important services for the advancement of women.
  7. You know that with Positively Powerful events, “expect the unexpected surprise” is to be expected. The 10th Positively Powerful Woman Awards Annual Gala Celebration is the next night and it too will be empowering, uplifting, upbeat, inspirational and informative.
  8. You want to support Fatimah Halims STEAM & Global Citizenship Trip for young women, Ghana, July 3-18, 2017, and are looking forward to this opportunity to purchase artifacts, jewelry and more for a good cause.
  9. It is a good investment of time, talent and treasure at $45.
  10. The closing general session will be a masterful facilitation leading to a document that you, as an attendee, will be proud to have contributed to.


Declarations, a powerful opportunity to create change

Declarations, a powerful opportunity to create change

Last year, just before the 2016 Positively Powerful Woman Awards Dinner, a group of us got together to discuss what was the one thing we wanted people who attended to leave with. We wanted people to be inspired, excited and knowing that they had a big role in the process of effecting change in the world. It was important that our guests believe that evening was the start of something and not a singular event. That when they went home that evening, they were ready to move the world forward in a Powerful and Positive way. What finally took hold for us was the thought of individual declarations.

2017 Positively Powerful Woman Awards and Dinner

June 10th at the Desert Botanical Gardens

Why declarations? Because they are often life altering. A declaration unlike a new year’s resolution, changes our relationship with others, our friends, family, and community. It impacts how we view the past and creates a future we were not aware of until just that moment. A true declaration has commitment attached to its hip. Our declarations matter to us.

And so we invited our guest to write a note to themselves, that evening, right there at the dinner, that would contain their own personal declaration about their future. Place the note in a self-addressed envelope and that we would mail the notes back to them on June 1st, 2017. No, we did not read the notes.

The Power of Declarations is that it is the point at which the world begins to changes.

Susan Casper shocked to receive Positively Powerful Woman Award.

Susan Casper shocked to receive Positively Powerful Woman Award.

The excitement started building for the guests of the 9th Annual Positively Powerful Woman Awards with the Gala reception’s live music, periscope, video interviews, photos at the Step & Repeat, wine and horderves as they met old friends and made new ones. Then the doors opened to the main room, and you could hear the audible  “oohs and ahhs” as they entered into one of the most beautiful settings Halle Heart Children’s Museums has ever had.

Susan Casper, the emcee for the gala, took the mic and was as she always is — professional, entertaining and engaging in moving the Awards Ceremonies along from beginning to program conclusion…or so she thought…if her script was to be believed. This was not to be the case for one of the hardest working media professionals that command the stage. Instead, she was to have her own unexpected and shining moment. The second script, the one she was never to see was written by Joel Martin, Founder, and went like this…

“Our First Lady Michelle Obama said, ‘We learned about honesty and integrity – that the truth matters… that you don’t take shortcuts or play by your own set of rules… and success doePositively Powerful Woman's Awards eventsn’t count unless you earn it fair and square.’ Those words are very true for our final Positively Powerful Woman Award 2016 Honoree. She is a community leader, the ultimate professional in all that she says or does, a wife, mother, and friend to many. She plays by the tough rules of media and is simply put one of the hardest working women in broadcast… (Pause)… Ladies and  gentlemen, please join me in acknowledging the 2016 Positively Powerful Woman MEDIA LEADERSHIP Award Recipient, Susan Casper.” 

Positively Powerful

To say that Susan was surprised would be an understatement. The guests were overjoyed to see this woman who has always had “control of the room” being honored for her good works. And so…Media Leader Susan Casper became the fifth Positively Powerful Woman honoree of 2016. Known for using her incredible talents and time to make a difference through the media, she has a passion for helping others. When she is not hosting, you will find her supporting the community as a motivational speaker, volunteer, and advocate for women and girls. She joined ABC15 News in 2008 as an anchor and reporter before moving to Sonoran Living, the longest running television lifestyle show in Phoenix.

Positively Powerful Woman's Awards eventThis proud military brat enjoyed spending much of her childhood growing up at Spangdahlem Air Force Base in Germany where her creative imagination began to flourish.  After reporting and producing a video for her elementary school at Eglin, Susan knew that this was the career for her. In time she was to become the first African-American woman to anchor a primetime newscast in Tampa, Florida. Included among her many honors, is the UWF’s first ever Society of Professional Journalism national award, a William Randolph Hearst award, and numerous regional and state journalism titles. From sports to weather, Susan has a more than 20-year broadcast news career.

With a few tears and the applause and accolades from the audience, Susan Casper joined the other 2016 Positively Powerful recipients,  From left to right in the photo above are the 2016 Positively Powerful Woman Award honorees Tyler Butler, GoDaddy Director of Corporate Social Responsibility, Technology Leadership; Charlene Tarver, Esq., The Tarver Law Group, PLLC, Inaugural Human Rights Leadership; Dr. Joel P. Martin, President Triad West Inc. and Founder of the Awards Program; Susan Casper, Host ABC15, Sonoran Living and Awards Mistress of Ceremonies, Media Leadership; Anna Maria Maldonado, Director of Sales & Marketing, Care1st Health Plan-AZ, Health Advocacy Leadership; and Carrie S. Young, SRP Senior Director, Corporate Operations Services, The Global Leadership Award.

Born from a passion for honoring exemplary culturally diverse women who are the very best in their fields, the Positively Powerful Awards are held every year to celebrate women leaders from the greater Phoenix, AZ region and beyond. The mission of the Awards program is to celebrate the accomplishments of women in ways that empower all people to live their dreams. The spirit and criteria of selection is in keeping with these words “On Giving” from The Prophet written by Kahlil Gibran (Knopf, 1923).

Through the hands of such as these God speaks, and from behind their eyes He smiles upon the earth. It is well to give when asked, but it is better to give unasked, through understanding; And to the open-handed the search for one who shall receive is joy greater than giving.


I promise you the opportunity of a lifetime

Joel shadowDon’t miss this opportunity to be inspired, motivated and challenged. This year, the 8th Annual Positively Powerful Women Awards Luncheon celebration will be a part of the Positively Powerful Leadership Conference, a day filled with outstanding local and national speakers who will empower and inform you in an exciting, dynamic and uplifting environment.

June 5th is just a few days away. You will get the chance to meet with this year’s six amazing honorees and learn how it is that they have been able to create awe-inspiring success. You will make new friends and create collaborations as part of the upbeat conference program featuring speakers will invigorate and inspire you to take action on your goals and purpose.

When you attend this conference, you will leave with business, personal, professional strategies and transformational tools to use immediately as well as new friends and business connections. Collaboration is the theme of June 5! Register online for the day. 

The June 5th program is designed to flow with the June 19 “Bust Loose Your Leadership” transformational workshop facilitated by Dr. Joel Martin.  Next bring your products and services to the “Branding, Marketing, PR & $ales” with the dream team guest speakers from AZ and NY. “Transformation is a journey, not a destination” and this journey will get you and your business where you want to be faster. 

Dr. Joel Martin, the Founder of the Positively Powerful has been called a “genuine genius in her approach to personal transformation.” She is a training designer, a facilitator and an executive coach, speaker and author. Joel has worked with hundreds of individuals in Fortune 500 companies, non-profit and entrepreneurial organizations. Her company Triad West specializes in diversity and inclusion, leadership, and breakthrough performance.

2015 Extraordinary Women of Color Honor

Susan Casper Sonoran Living ABC15 Arizona honored me today as an Extraordinary Woman of Color. Thank you Susan. I appreciate the recognition and your vision for this Black History Month Celebration.

Extraordinary Women of ColorLeading up to today, I thought about the friends that would be in the audience and those that wanted to be there but were not able to and was reminded of the African expression, “I am because we are.” And I add to that “I do because we are called.”  I am extraordinary because of the family I come from for as far back and even farther than I can remember. I am because of the family I go to today with faith and pride in them for never giving up. They inspire me. It is because of the companies that said, ” Yes come do your work and training here (wherever in the world “here” is). We believe in our people and we want them to have an experience of what their lives might be on the other side of change.” It is because of the people who believe that by working together we can make something magical, memorable, life-defining and yes, extraordinary occur.

I welcome those who see this video and say, “If you have a vision or big dream, let’s be extraordinary and create something positively powerful together. We can because we are – choosing to be extraordinary.”

9-25-14 Meet the Woman behind Beloved Dr. Maya Angelou’s Hallmark Brand

9-25-14 Meet the Woman behind Beloved Dr. Maya Angelou’s Hallmark Brand

MARQUETTA GLASS Picture 121412

Marquetta Glass, President & CEO, MGS Innovations Group

There was a point at which there was no Dr. Maya Angelou Mosaic line for Hallmark. Imagine that. Then Marquetta Glass, business innovator and visionary marketing professional at Hallmark introduced an exclusive business opportunity for the company with Dr. Angelou, the renowned international poet laureate. As a friend of Dr. Angelou she guided this innovative and creative partnership producing the marketing, communication, and commercially successful Life Mosaic Brand, an eight digit million-dollar performance for happy card senders the world over.


Dr. Maya Angelou

“If I’m America’s poet, or one of them, then I want to be in people’s hands. All people’s hands, people who would never buy a book.” Dr. Maya Angelou

During Marquetta’s career at Hallmark, she’s impacted  5000 Hallmark shops, the Minority Retailer MBA Entrepreneur Program, the Retail Multi-Cultural Marketing Program, the Diversity Council, the Retail Multi-Cultural Customer Guide, the careers of the men and women she’s mentored and her friend’s brand.

Marquetta Glass is President & CEO, MGS Innovations Group today specializing  in developing innovative branding concepts and strategies, licensing partnerships, business development and expansion, multicultural marketing, executive coaching, talent identification, and business management. She is also a co-producer of Dr. Maya Angelou’s documentary.[Tweet “”If I’m America’s poet, or one of them, then I want to be in people’s hands. All people’s hands, people who would never buy a book.” Dr. Maya Angelou “]

Meet Marquetta Glass September 25, 2014, at 6 p.m. Arizona/PST time when Dr. Joel Martin will be interviewing her during the Positively Powerful Transformational Coaching Call. The transformational tip for the call is  C.O.M.I.T. with Commitment. Operational excellence. Making a difference. Inclusion. & Telling your story. You must register for this special event in advance CLICK HERE. Limited registrations are available. To submit your QUESTIONS, CLICK HERE.

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