Carrie S. Young, SRP Senior Director, Corporate Operations Services, to receive the Positively Powerful Global Leadership Award

Carrie S. Young, a multi-faceted leader with decades of experience impacting individuals in the corporate sector, community service arena, and United States Air Force, will receive the Positively Powerful Global Leadership Award this June 25. Selected for her unwavering commitment to the inclusion of veterans, minorities, and women in business and technology circles, Ms. Young also exemplifies a truly global character through her 20 years of service in leadership positions with the Air Force.

Designed to empower not only the recipients but also women and men worldwide through the honorees and ceremony proceedings, the Positively Powerful Global Leadership Award is reserved for an individual who embodies the very best, most selfless approach to touching lives globally. There are no national or community borders for this type of individual. Ms. Young has proven herself time and time again a true community servant, not affected by socioeconomic classes or outside influences.

Ms. Young devoted 20 years of her life to perfecting, coordinating, and bettering the United States Air Force in System Analysis. She led several project teams for both classified and unclassified projects and earned numerous awards and honors throughout her tenure including the Meritorious Service Awards, 56th OSS Outstanding Woman of the Year, and 56th OSS Noncommissioned Officer of the Year. Ms. Young applied her extensive education, a Master’s Degree in Information System Engineering from Western International University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Chapman University, to her leadership roles with the United States Air Force.

Women’s interest and participation in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) fields today is staggeringly low, which is what makes Ms. Young an even rarer gem.

carrie young srpWomen’s interest and participation in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) fields today is staggeringly low, which is what makes Ms. Young an even rarer gem. Her longtime commitment to information analysis and computer science development has followed her throughout her career, landing her as the Senior Director of Corporate Operations Services at Salt River Project (SRP). It is there that Ms. Young truly harnessed her inner calling for developing veterans’ initiatives. Currently the Executive sponsor of SRP Veterans (SRPVETS), an SRP employee interest group focused on leadership culture and promoting the understanding of military culture, Ms. Young is able to coordinate and participate in veterans fundraising, Madison Street Veteran programs, clothing drives, partner with Luke Air Force Base cookie drive for deployed veterans, Operation American Patriots, Patriot Guard Riders, Adopt-A-Troop, and Honor Flight volunteer.

Ms. Young’s community outreach doesn’t end there. She also works tirelessly to ensure women stand a chance to get hired and attain leadership positions at SRP. She upholds the highest diversity standard with the makeup of the business body and stands up for minority inclusion at every decision-making level.

Ms. Young is a true visionary with a passion. Her decades of commitment to service for something greater than herself has undoubtedly landed her in a position to oversee veterans, women, business, supplier diversity and minority development at SRP.

It is for these accomplishments, and many others, that Ms. Young is the perfect Honoree for the Positively Powerful Global Leadership Award.

Join us in honoring Ms. Carrie S. Young and our other recipients at the 9th annual Positively Powerful Woman Awards, Halle Heart Museum, Tempe, AZ, June 25th 5pm to 9pm. Register and learn more by clicking here. The event is open to the public. To learn more about sponsorship opportunities, click here.

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Tyler Butler, GoDaddy Director of Corporate Social Responsibility to receive 2016 Positively Powerful Woman Technology Leadership Award

Today, though the numbers are changing, female participation in tech and STEM-related fields remains woefully low compared to their male counterparts. Schools, universities, and activist groups have identified the lack of women in technology roles and are offering scholarships, incentives, and education on why STEM fields are a great potential industry for women to harness.

tyler butler, godaddyThere are a few women trailblazing the path through technological developments with a computer, engineering, and science perspective. These are women who move ahead of the pack; the women who set the standards; and the women who aren’t afraid to explore unchartered waters.

Ms. Tyler Butler, an exemplary role model for women looking to harness technology’s untapped capabilities, is a perfect example of what can be accomplished when women step out of their comfort zones and grab technology by the horns.

As the GoDaddy Director of Corporate Responsibility, Ms. Butler has overstepped boundaries and used her philanthropic nature, eye for quality detail, and passion for technology to ensure GoDaddy updates itself in alignment with women and minority rights. Ms. Butler works tirelessly to ensure women are treated equally and fairly on a daily basis at GoDaddy while also helping the company to devise a public platform for altering the misogynistic perception it had developed. Ms. Butler chose to work at a company not known for its inclusiveness and decided to carve a niche for women on her own.

During Ms. Butler’s tenure at GoDaddy, the organization has become a publicly traded company (GDDY) and entered the market up more than 30% from the IPO price. In the Phoenix region and beyond, GoDaddy has come to encapsulate an encompassing and accepting work environment enticing to women looking to pursue their technology passions and interests.

Additionally, Ms. Butler founded the GoDaddy employee resource group, Women in Technology, which serves to unite women and allies at GoDaddy to ensure there is an ongoing dialogue about equality, as well as resources and opportunities to guarantee every woman at GoDaddy is valued and recognized based on their contributions.

Ms. Butler envisioned, developed, and implemented a corporate social responsibility platform that has launched GoDaddy into the 21st-century economy, ready to flourish and excel. From her unique efforts, GoDaddy is now being named by the Anita Borg Institute as one of the Top 13 Companies for Women Technologists to work for in 2015.

Additionally, Ms. Butler’s selflessness and visionary attitude don’t just stop at work. She also serves on the board of trustees for the Arizona Science Center, the board of governors for the Greater Scottsdale Boys & Girls Clubs, the Arizona Governors Commission for Service & Volunteerism, the board of directors for Phoenix Suns Charities, the advisory council for Scottsdale Leadership and the Board of Directors for the Phoenix Center for the Arts.

Above all, Ms. Butler is known for her fierce tenacity, her infectious passions, her empathic, understanding nature, and her community inclusiveness for all women looking to break the technology mold worldwide. Ms. Butler is without a doubt a powerful leader in the technology industry.

Because of her many contributions, Tyler Butler will receive 2016 Positively Powerful Woman Technology Leadership Award.

Join us in honoring Tyler Butler and our other recipients at the 9th annual Positively Powerful Woman Awards, Halle Heart Museum, Tempe, AZ, June 25th 5pm to 9pm. Register and learn more by clicking here. The event is open to the public. To learn more about sponsorship opportunities, click here.

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Charlene Tarver, Esq. to receive Inaugural Positively Powerful Woman Human Rights Leadership Award

Charlene Tarver, Esq. to receive Inaugural Positively Powerful Woman Human Rights Leadership Award

The Positively Powerful Woman’s Awards are held every year to distinguish the leading women who set a precedent so formidable and groundbreaking that their accomplishments will never fade. These women trail blaze their way through a system stacked against female success and victory. It’s important to bring these kinds of women together for a day of acknowledgment, empowerment through mentorship, community networking, and friendship.

One woman who undoubtedly exemplifies excellence in her academic background and specialized legal training, selflessness in her activism on behalf of all who face injustice, dedication in the chartering of the Phoenix Chapter of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women, and devotion as the single mom of two teen girls would be Ms. Charlene Tarver. In line Charlene Tarverwith this year’s theme “Transformation, Wealth & Health,” Ms. Tarver’s philanthropic nature tied to her successes and accolades as an attorney have established her as a leading community activist near and far to her Phoenix, law firm, The Tarver Law Group, PLLC.

Through her community empowerment work designed to equip other women with the skills, information, and entrepreneurial resources to set out and flourish in the business sector, Ms. Tarver has touched many lives.

Focused on helping the women torn down by adversity, ignorance, and misinformation in today’s world, her presence in Phoenix is likened to that of Fannie Lou Hamer during the Civil Rights Movement. Ms. Tarver is a revolutionary and she works tirelessly to ensure a better future for all women and men regardless of their racial background.

As a Human Rights Leader, this piece cannot possibly cover how much Ms. Tarver has done for the advancement of equality in today’s world. She is an advocate for the disenfranchised, a local coordinator for Town Hall gatherings when Black individuals are unjustly shot by law enforcement, a co-presenter on behalf of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women, co-producer of a series of Racial Profiling Symposiums in support of families whose children have been killed by gun violence, and above all, a caring, loving, and supportive community member ready to stand by the fallen and downtrodden at any moment.

Ms. Tarver is a shining beacon in a world ravaged by violence and injustice. Her exemplary lifestyle and incomparable activism have made her the clear recipient of the Inaugural Positively Powerful Woman Human Rights Leadership Award.

Join us in honoring Charlene Tarver and our other recipients at the 9th annual Positively Powerful Woman Awards, Halle Heart Museum, Tempe, AZ, June 25th 5pm to 9pm. Register and learn more by clicking here. The event is open to the public. To learn more about sponsorship opportunities, click here.

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Making Choices

Making Choices

Having to make a decision can be tough work. Making choices is even more difficult. I am one of those people who see decisions as something that is brought to me and choices as something that is in me to take some action … or not. We don’t necessarily think deeply about the choices we are about to make, and we should. The things that haunt you and I are the choices that we wish we hadn’t made. The choices that were made absent-mindlessly. Like that tweet, released.

Here is my cheat sheet on Making Choices.

  1. Choose from the goal you have in mind. Then do it.
  2. If fear steps in after the choice, do your best to follow through anyway. Fear is just a feeling.
  3. A choice is something that is yours, no one can take it away from you. “It is not what you call me, it is what I answer to” is one of my favorite quotes about a choice.

If you are up to something (goals, vision, dream, etc.) and we all are, let your choices be consistent with what you say you are about, the story you tell in your imagination about the future you want to live.

Need help to align your STORY with your LIFE? Does any of the following ring true for you? Then let’s talk:

  • Life is good but I expected more.
  • I’ve lost the rhythm, I can no longer hear the music in my life.
  • I’m the best at what I do at work, but does it really matter?
  • Could a coach help navigate through all of “this”?

Being rigorous or mindful about our choices does not take away our spontaneity or creativity.

Who will be this year’s Positively Powerful Women? One may be your nominee.

2014 PPW Group PhotoAs you think back on our her-story, what women have been “A Positively Powerful Woman”? If there were a special award for this, with social media available to share her story, her organization, the nonprofits she supports and the commitments that motivate her; plus a gala recognizing her leadership as part of a transformational program, who would you nominate? We want to know. Answer the questions below. And thank you!

One easy quick action…

Our Positively Powerful Woman Awards shine a light on women who are making a difference and the causes that matter to them. Attendance at the Awards program is open to the general public – women, men and families. For 8 years, this program has provided inspiration, motivation, empowerment and connections to build businesses and professional careers and skills to be a transformational leader anywhere in the world. We shine a light on our honorees in PR, print, websites and social media to empower all people to live their dreams. And we’ve won an award as one the Best Events for Women from Stevie International.

We all make a difference. The question is what kind of difference do we chose to make?

Please answer the three questions below in our comments section. We want to know what you think and who inspires you by her example. And again, thank you.

  1. What makes a woman positively powerful?
  2. Who do you nominate to be an honoree at the 2016 Positively Powerful Woman Awards?
  3. What about them fits this definition for you?

If you want to know about our past recipients, see the photos and videos and learn more about our programs, click here. 

Message from Joel Martin, PhD, Triad West Inc. & Founder:

The experience I want people to leave with at the end of every Positively Powerful Woman Program is that because they attended, their lives will never be the same but better, that they are closer to living their dreams than ever before, and they could as easily be on the stage as any of our recipients with the tools, access and resources that my team and I provide. Our intention is to “fire them up” so that they take action on the vision they have for what matters to them. That’s also my intention in every presentation I produce, speech I give or training I deliver.2016 FB PPWA Photo


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Diversity, is about the ingredients

Diversity, is about the ingredients

diversity bikers

Members of B.A.C.A (Bikers Against Child Abuse) and Dr Joel Martin.

Beyond the surface lies a quality of human connectedness of intention, vision and commitment available when we see beyond what is apparent. What connects me to these bikers (BACA) that I met at the 2015 eWomen International Conference is that we share a passionate commitment for making a difference that is “bigger than us”.

Diversity is about people

Diversity, as we are using here is ultimately about people and not demographics. It is about what we can learn and teach each other that may result in our solving together, issues that we all face.

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