Learning how to find your way

Learning how to find your way

Learning how to find your way

lao tzu a path to leaning


“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”

So many ways to learn, how many to unlearn?

As adults we have our “to do” lists, the speeches we attend, the audio recordings, workbooks and other sources from the last, the latest and greatest seminar we went to. All because we have an insatiable desire to learn. Maybe it’s because of some problem we want to solve or some business strategy we want to learn….whatever, we are a walking talking commitment to ‘learning’.

However what we don’t realize is that it is the unlearning that most interferes with what we do to learn. Unlearn why we procrastinate, why we let those notebooks gather dust after the first rush “to do” wears off. Or we get scared. What gets int the way of our being courageous to do something about the stuff we called “learned”.

What do you need to unlearn? This is where the human connection can kick in; that he or she that gets you over some hump and into action. Rewiring the brain to unlearn is faster with a caring two-some.

“What does it take to go where you’ve never been?”

I read this in a brochure of one of my international clients. Got someplace, a goal, vision, a health issue you’ve never been or had before? Think about the impossible way you most want to be or goal you want to reach… then put it in the abstract. Distance yourself from it. Meaning, imagine it as a wilderness you’ve never been in before. Could be a new country you got a training assignment to work in…whatever. To go to that imaginary place, what would you do? Find a map? Use your GPS or Google Map to check it out? Get a guide? Google the weather, temperature and start packing accordingly? For sure, you’d let yourself get excited about the trip. Then if it was important enough to you, your life and/or your sense of adventure, you would GO!

Learning how to achieve the impossible

It’s no different with the journey to your ”impossible dream”. Get a guide…a coach someone who’s been there and done that. You wouldn’t want a guide who is as new as you to the wilderness, would you? Do you homework, don’t go in blind. Think, does he or she have the credentials for your particular journey. And for sure – get excited! Remember, what’s new territory you is the journey you choose and could be the journey of your lifetime, your next adventure. Too many times we don’t act with urgency to what our intuition tells us. Trust and step out.

Collaborative leadership is the way for everyone.

Collaborative leadership is the way for everyone.

When we think about our lives and the great ideas we have for ourselves, our families and our communities, what stops most people is that there is someone other than herself or himself who is needed to 
take the lead. Someone that looks a certain way, has a certain style. Today there is no exclusivity to leadership. No leadership profile or stereotype.

We are witnessing a new form of leadership among women, a new definition of power and what it means to empower. Men need not feel that they are being replaced. Rather, this is the time for collaborative leadership. What matters most is not what the leader’s gender is, how they look, speak or the color of their skin but rather what is being created — together.

Two to Tango – or more

Who will be this year’s Positively Powerful Women? One may be your nominee.

2014 PPW Group PhotoAs you think back on our her-story, what women have been “A Positively Powerful Woman”? If there were a special award for this, with social media available to share her story, her organization, the nonprofits she supports and the commitments that motivate her; plus a gala recognizing her leadership as part of a transformational program, who would you nominate? We want to know. Answer the questions below. And thank you!

One easy quick action…

Our Positively Powerful Woman Awards shine a light on women who are making a difference and the causes that matter to them. Attendance at the Awards program is open to the general public – women, men and families. For 8 years, this program has provided inspiration, motivation, empowerment and connections to build businesses and professional careers and skills to be a transformational leader anywhere in the world. We shine a light on our honorees in PR, print, websites and social media to empower all people to live their dreams. And we’ve won an award as one the Best Events for Women from Stevie International.

We all make a difference. The question is what kind of difference do we chose to make?

Please answer the three questions below in our comments section. We want to know what you think and who inspires you by her example. And again, thank you.

  1. What makes a woman positively powerful?
  2. Who do you nominate to be an honoree at the 2016 Positively Powerful Woman Awards?
  3. What about them fits this definition for you?

If you want to know about our past recipients, see the photos and videos and learn more about our programs, click here. 

Message from Joel Martin, PhD, Triad West Inc. & Founder:

The experience I want people to leave with at the end of every Positively Powerful Woman Program is that because they attended, their lives will never be the same but better, that they are closer to living their dreams than ever before, and they could as easily be on the stage as any of our recipients with the tools, access and resources that my team and I provide. Our intention is to “fire them up” so that they take action on the vision they have for what matters to them. That’s also my intention in every presentation I produce, speech I give or training I deliver.2016 FB PPWA Photo


2016 Positively Powerful Woman Awards Sponsors

“Rudeness is the weak man’s (or woman’s) imitation of strength.” Eric Hoffer

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As we begin to think about next year, let’s add giving “hope, encouragement and praise” to all of our children

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Relationships that are Win Win

Relationships that are Win Win

RelationshipsWe are quickly losing touch with how to create and build relationships. We begin to lose this ability to relate early on in our childhood when we are taught that everything is a competition and for us to lose, means we will suffer a fate similar to that of the fictional characters in the Hunger Games. Winner takes all.

Competition is a good thing and It is not the only thing.

Take a look around and notice how much of your day is consumed by “not losing”. Having to win being the only acceptable result, results in a lot of losing. If we look at every relationship we have as a competitive one we miss the chance to learn something new from someone that is very different than ourselves.

The world is a very different place than just 25 years ago and we are coming into contact or relationships with people all around the world made possible because of an abundance of new communication technology. We are quickly understanding that there is plenty of room for everyone to grow and do well.

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Here are 3 conversations that will build non-competitive relationships.

  1. Listen and respect others’ points of view. Aggressively arguing has become entertainment which may be fine for TV but arguing is exhausting and exacerbates personal relationships.
  2.  Work together to find a solution to any problem that everyone will find comfort with. Compromise is not a dirty word. Imagine that the situation is not “either-or” but “both-and”.
  3. Acknowledge and support individual accomplishments. Respecting that those you have the closest relationship to have their own personal existence and goals and they should applauded for their accomplishments.

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