Dr. Joel Martin, Coach, Trainer, Speaker. 25 Years Changing Lives For The Better Around The World And Across The U.S.

Choose Your Opportunity For Transformation. Get Ready For Unique, Authentic, Deep And Profoundly Useful Breakthrough Experiences with Dr. Joel Martin.


I Will Teach And Coach You On The Secrets Hundreds Of Thousands Of People Have Used To Transform Their Lives.


YES. 1:1 Life-defining Personal & Professional Private Coaching

After more than 25 years of global training and coaching, I have significant and immense tools and expertise to share with this program. You will have my complete and undivided attention for the one year, three month or one-day program you select. All programs are renewable. As you speak, I will LISTEN with 100% intention to have you win…and together, you will accomplish what matters most to you. Client accomplishments have included:

  • Successfully dealing with life changes
  • Overcoming relationship challenges
  • Planning after retirement 2nd careers
  • Being a woman leader in a male-dominated field
  • Becoming “awake” and taking actions to create the dream he’s had
  • Becoming a professional trainer and coach

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YES. 30-Minute Consultation Have a one-time 30-minute private consultation with Dr. Joel Martin. Bring your most critical challenge to be overcome or your most heartfelt wish to be fulfilled. What you are ready to take on and how long have you waited? Experience what it would be like to have Dr. Joel Martin on your team as your personal coach.

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YES. Group Team Building & Inspiration

If you see the potential for your group but not the results you know that they are capable of; if you are feeling frustrated by the lack of unity or diversity or camaraderie; if your organization is going through a transition, Dr. Joel Martin is your transformational, enthusiastic, knowledgeable partner in team building. For more than 20 years, she’s unified groups through creative approaches, inspiration, motivation, experiential exercises, straight talk, facilitated dialog, and information. She’s a master international trainer dedicated to changing lives and business for the better.

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What people say who have worked with Dr. Joel Martin


“You are a genuine genius in your approach to personal transformation.” “Before I heard your story, I didn’t think that anything was possible. Now I know that it is for me!”  After less than one hour of working with Dr. Joel, instead of seeing myself as handicapped, I see myself as the big full of life person that I am. What was this worth? I would lose opportunities to grow to fulfill my purpose, to have a voice of confidence. This was priceless. Worth more than a million dollars.”  I feel more confident and comfortable with who I am. Having the perspective from another woman, especially a well-educated and experienced woman, made my experience profound. I trust myself now. I have let go of beliefs that do not serve me.”   “You gave me hope! I see myself becoming a better person for my friends and family.”

Executive Coaching: Joel is an individual that teaches how to bring leadership and life principles into balance. An idea often discussed but rarely practiced. Working with her organization will focus your team and maximize your results, something you simply cannot afford to overlook!

Adrienne Kay

You really did “wake me up”, for which I am so grateful.
I met Joel Martin about 10 years ago when I was on the Board of Directors of the Phoenix Black Chamber of Commerce.  I reconnected with Joel recently after experiencing a career transition and made the decision to take the 3 day Positively Powerful Workshop in October (2016).  It was definitely the right decision.  I just left our one-on-one PPW follow-up session with clarity that months of mind and soul searching had not provided.  In that brief time with Joel, she was able to take what I relayed to her, from a personal and career standpoint, and give it back to me from a higher level, allowing me to envision it for myself.  Thank you, Joel.
Barbara Mazzoni

Senior Product Manager | IT Consultant | Customer Support Manager & Consultant | MBA

I was shown favor by fate when I arrived early for a  workshop during a conference and had my choice of seats.  The workshop filled to overflowing capacity and my favor was Dr. Joel Martin taking the empty seat next to me.   As we interacted during the workshop I did not know I had the honor of working with a conference Awardee, but in a very short while I did come to know of an authentic, caring, encouraging and positive person.  I attended another workshop later during the conference, led by Dr. Martin, and observed how she connected with the audience the same way she’d connected with me one on one.  I was not at all surprised but thought, “why, of course”, when Dr. Martin was introduced as one of four recipients of the Phenomenal Women Award during the Power Networking Conference Annual Awards Luncheon. When you book Dr. Martin as a speaker you’ll not only have the pleasure of hearing  a Phenomenal Woman, you’ll know afterwards that you’ve been shown favor by experiencing a positively positive person.

Willie Simmons

Engineering Program Manager, Northrop Grumman Corporation

About Dr Joel Martin

Dr. Joel Martin is president of Triad West Inc. and founder of the Positively Powerful Woman Awards and dr joel martinLeadershipConferences. She is a trainer, coach and speaker, and considered “a genuine genius in her approach to transformation” and one  the best in the nation for delivering breakthrough leadership performance and organizational change. Dr. Martin has worked with diverse audiences and thousands of clients across the U.S. and in China, Taiwan, Russia, Malaysia, Republic of South Africa, France, United Kingdom and Norway. She is a specialist at creating diverse and inclusive teams, developing transformational leadership and creating breakthrough communications strategies. She is an acknowledged community advocate. The mission of her Annual Woman Awards is to celebrate the accomplishments of women in ways that empower all people to live their dreams. Through her company, lives and businesses are changed for the better. She is an active community advocate and lives what she teaches in her own life

What you can count on from me as your coach: Coaching is one of the deepest, most mutually satisfying experiences a person can have. As your coach I will assist you in learning, growing and realizing their dreams while tackling your challenges. At the same time, you will be bringing out the noblest sentiments, opportunities to contribute and the deepest gratification for me as the coach. Executive coaching is a magnificent win-win experience.

  • My promises to you: As your coach I promise you confidentiality, action learning, honesty and accountability. I will be your champion. I trust your ability and resources…you have the answers.
  • My personal and professional resources: With more than 15 years as an international transformational trainer, I’ve been called a “genuine genius in (my) approach to personaltransformation” because of the results I achieve working with individuals in Fortune 500 companies, non-profit and entrepreneurial organizations. I specialize in diversity and inclusion, collaborative and visionary leadership and breakthrough performance. My company is Triad West. I’m Founder of the Positively Powerful Woman Awards and previously owner of an ad agency.
  • The way we will work together is results oriented and heartfelt. After agreeing to the program that suits the challenges, problems and opportunities you have, you’ll receive a “big think piece” questionnaire, your own coaching online site, our coaching agreement and other resources.

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