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Diversity and Inclusion

Let’s not fool ourselves

Tolerance is not a substitute for Diversity!

Diversity and Inclusion Expert, Dr. Joel Martin provides diversity training, consulting, coaching and transformational presentations. Using a vision-centric approach Diversity Resources, Videos and Articles based on Client’s needs, she has trained diversity trainers for the City of Scottsdale; trained leaders and diversity trainers for one of America’s best-known casual dining companies; collaborated on the development of the ABHOW Diversity University and its trainers’ training; since 2009, designed and facilitated the Mountain Park Health Center Diversity, Inclusion and Cultural Competency Training that all clinics’ employees receive.

Joel has delivered her well-researched, inspirational and impactful diversity presentations before audiences including Boeing, Henkel, Mayo Clinic, American Baptist Homes of the West, Accenture, City of Phoenix, Arizona State University, and others.


Experience Dr. Joel P. Martin is considered “a genuine genius in her approach to personal transformation.” She is a training designer, facilitator and executive coach, keynote speaker, and author. She has worked with thousands of individuals in Fortune 500 companies, nonprofit and entrepreneurial organizations across many industries in the U.S, South Africa, France, the U.K., Latvia, Finland, Malaysia, Russia, and China. Her commitment has taken her before diverse youth, adult and multi-cultural audiences. Known for her interactive, inspirational and engaging presentations, Dr. Martin has more than 20 years as a leadership trainer, mentor, and coach; a diversity and inclusion knowledge expert; and a positively powerful keynote speaker. Here are a few of her Diversity & Inclusion Clients:

  • ABHOW: Diversity & Inclusion Culture Change for a 50+ year old nonprofit leader in homes and services for the aging
  • Arizona State University: Partner, The Positively Powerful Woman Awards & Leadership Conference
  • Boeing: Overcoming Micro-Inequities, Conscious and Unconscious Biases
  • City of Chicago, IL: Youth Leadership Trainer
  • City of Scottsdale, AZ: Training Diversity Trainers
  • Cold Stone Creamery: Diversity Consulting
  • Desert Botanical Garden: Diversity & Inclusion Training Design & Implementation. Vision Alignment
  • InVision (China & Taiwan): International Trainer
  • Henkel of North America: Partner, The Positively Powerful Woman Awards & Leadership Conference. Speaker.
  • Global Consortium LLC: Diversity & Inclusion Subcontractor for Darden Restaurants GMs & RC Leaders
  • General Electric: Executive Coaching
  • PowerNetworking Conference: Director of Education & Training for the Premiere Educational Conference for Black and African American people.
  • Johnson & Johnson: Speaker to African American Financial Group
  • Mountain Park Health Centers: Diversity, Inclusion & Cultural Competency Training for all Employees’
  • Novato Police Department: Diversity & Inclusion Training
  • RSM McGladrey: Executive Coaching
  • Salt River Project: The Positively Powerful Woman Awards & Leadership Conference
  • Sozvezdie Liderov Training Company (Russia): International Trainer & Coach
  • Southwest Gas: Partner, The Positively Powerful Woman Awards & Leadership Conference
  • Terraces of Phoenix: Diversity & Inclusion. Team Building
  • Tanner Chapel AME: Speaker
  • Windsor Fellowship (United Kingdom): International Youth Leadership Trainer

Diversity & Inclusion

Discover a new meaning to the words Diversity & Inclusion through these presentations of facts, transformational leadership skills building, awareness, sensitivity and action strategies. Presentations can be interactive workshops, keynotes addresses, retreats or panel discussions and/or facilitations. After a conversation with you, Dr. Martin will design a program that meets your organization’s opportunities, needs or challenges.



Diversity & Inclusion Topics

  • Micro-Inequities Biases
  • The Conscious-Unconscious Disconnect of Inclusion
  • LEAD! Leadership, Entrepreneurship Alignment & Diversity
  • The Dimensions Of Diversity & The Diversity Business Case
  • Recruitment, Retention, Promotion & Positive Reinforcement
  • Brown Eyes, Blues Eyes; The Jane Elliott Breakthrough Process
  • Black/African American History And Woman History Month Celebrations
  • Mentoring, Networking, Sponsorship And Personal Branding
  • Understanding The Hi-Context, Low-Context Communication Styles
  • Stereotypes & All Of The “Isms”
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Cultural Competency
  • Diversity & Inclusion Corporate Culture Strategies & Needs Assessment
  • Coaching For Executives In Challenge

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